Hi, Jacob here, I’m the director and lead trainer here at Transparent Training. I’ve been writing about and speaking publicly about trans inclusion since 2013 and I feel incredibly lucky to get to work doing something that I’m so passionate about.

Transparent Training was born out of necessity. As a trans person navigating a world that wasn’t built with me or my community in mind, it became clear that if things are going to change it’s up to us to make it happen.

The first training course I created was in collaboration with queer and trans midwives, aimed at birth workers and anyone working in perinatal services it was created to expand maternity services to include folks like me, trans men and nonbinary people who have experienced pregnancy and birth.

But it became clear that the work can’t end there, trans people interact will all kinds of services and at all points in our lives so I have expanded the training I offer and I’m continuing to work with experts in more fields to create targeted collaborative works as well as having the flexibility to create tailored training for individual settings.

The image shows me, Jacob, a masculine white person wearing a grey branded t-shirt with the progress flag behind. I'm smiling and although you can't see it, I'm mid wave. You can see the video this photo was taken from if you click the image!