Creating trans inclusive environments
through easy to access training

Trans Inclusion training for all settings

  • Engaging and informative training
  • Written and delivered by experts
  • All training comes with toolkits for ongoing development

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Why we do what we do

The world is a better place when we’re all understood and accepted. As more and more people find language and community to better understand themselves we’re finding the number of people who identify under the trans umbrella is increasing every year. This means that now, more than ever, businesses and settings needing trans inclusion training and we are here to provide it.

TransParent Training offers engaging, informative and easy to understand training where questions can be asked without fear.

We believe that accepting, understanding and including people of all genders makes society better for everyone, especially marginalised genders including cis women. 

Trans people have always existed and we are seeing a surge in people coming out because we now have language to understand ourselves in a way we didn’t before.

This means that work places, schools, hospitals and more have an obligation to make sure that they’re providing accessible space and accessible care to everyone.

The training we provide aims to support people in understanding the basics of trans inclusion as well as targeted training for certain settings and environments with an aim to then improving the lives of staff and service users.

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